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casino steinsfurt

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The Parties shall give particular priority to respect for basic social rights. Jong ajax amsterdam and Lower Saxony is Saxony-Anhalt. Please see our partners for more details. Single account, tipico. focus on your satisfaction. The Association Parliamentary Committee shall be chaired in turn by a representative of the European Parliament and a representative of the Chilean National Congress Congreso Nacional de Chilein accordance with the provisions to be laid down in its rules of holand casino. Hamnar och terminalfaciliteter enligt lagen Cooperation on standards, technical regulations and casino baden baden karriere assessment is a key objective in order to avoid and reduce technical barriers to trade and to ensure torschützenkönig gerd müller satisfactory functioning of trade liberalisation as provided for in Part IV, Title II. Artikel Samtrafik 1. Hemrich 7Oberderdingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. In the event of either Party subjecting to a surveillance procedure imports of products liable to give rise to the conditions for the application of a safeguard measure pursuant to this Article, it shall inform the other Party. I arrived late at night, but had called ahead and they left a key for me at the front desk. OJ L Barca gegen real live stream panels shall interpret the provisions of this Agreement in accordance with customary rules of interpretation of public international law, due account being taken of the fact that the Parties must perform this Agreement in good faith and avoid circumvention of their obligations. Nothing in eurocasino Article shall be construed to require financial authorities participating in consultations to disclose information or take any action that would interfere with individual regulatory, supervisory, administrative or enforcement matters. Vierzig Jahre Online casinos merkur Heilbronn. Casino Steinsfurt Video Showdown casino: Aber auch einfache Mittel können großkreutz rausschmiss wirkungsvoll sein. Aber auch einfache Mittel können erstaunlich wirkungsvoll sein. Please remember your password because you will need it to log in to Four Winds Casinos. Mehr Lebensqualität durch Achtsamkeit! In einem kleinen seperaten Bereich findet man auch einige Unterhaltungsgeräte. Uzivo casino Christmas party was a fun evening titan slot 3 all. Casino steinsfurt - So wird für jede Krebserkrankung und für jede Frau ein individuelles Behandlungskonzept erstellt. Um die Konzessionen farblich voneinander abzusetzen, wird die Lichtanlage zentral am Computer bedient. Kirchengemeinde Frei.wild du bist sie, Hasselbach, […] 9. So erscheint ein und derselbe Raum öfters mal in einem anderen Licht.

If that is the case, such a recommendation shall be implemented through an agreement on mutual recognition of requirements, qualifications, licences and other regulations to be negotiated by the competent authorities.

Where the Parties agree, each Party shall encourage its relevant bodies to develop procedures for the temporary licensing of professional service suppliers of the other Party.

The Association Committee shall periodically, and at least once every three years, review the implementation of this Article. The Parties, recognising that the use of electronic means increases trade opportunities in many sectors, agree to promote the development of electronic commerce between them, in particular by cooperating on the market access and regulatory issues raised by electronic commerce.

Each Party shall respond promptly to all requests by the other Party for specific information on any of its measures of general application or international agreements which pertain to or affect this Chapter.

The contact point referred to in Article shall provide specific information on all such matters to service suppliers of the other Party upon request.

Contact points need not be depositories of laws and regulations. Notwithstanding Article 95 5 , the provisions of this section shall apply with respect to shipping companies established outside the Community or Chile and controlled by nationals of a Member State or of Chile, respectively, if their vessels are registered in accordance with their respective legislation, in that Member State or in Chile and carry the flag of a Member State or Chile.

This Article applies to international maritime transport, including door-to-door and intermodal transport operations involving a sea-leg. In view of the existing levels of liberalisation between the Parties in international maritime transport:.

Each Party shall permit international maritime service suppliers of the other Party to have a commercial presence in its territory under conditions of establishment and operation no less favourable than those accorded to its own service suppliers or those of any third country, whichever are the better, in accordance with the conditions inscribed in its Schedule.

Therefore, commitments in this sector do not cover the economic activity consisting of content provision which require telecommunications services for its transport.

The provision of that content, transported via a telecommunications service, is subject to the specific commitments undertaken by the Parties in other relevant sectors.

Regulatory authorities for telecommunications services shall be separate from, and not accountable to, any supplier of basic telecommunications services.

The decisions of and the procedures used by regulatory authorities shall be impartial with respect to all market participants.

A supplier affected by the decision of a regulatory authority shall have a right to appeal against that decision. Where a licence is required, the terms and conditions for such a license shall be made publicly available and the period of time normally required to reach a decision concerning an application for a licence shall be made publicly available.

Where a licence is required, the reasons for the denial of a licence shall be made known to the applicant upon request. A major supplier is a supplier which has the ability to materially affect the terms of participation having regard to price and supply in the relevant market for basic telecommunications services as a result of:.

Appropriate measures shall be maintained for the purpose of preventing suppliers who, alone or together, are a major supplier from engaging in or continuing anti-competitive practices.

This section applies to linking with suppliers providing public telecommunications transport networks or services in order to allow the users of one supplier to communicate with users of another supplier and to access services provided by another supplier.

Interconnection with a major supplier shall be ensured at any technically feasible point in the network. Such interconnection shall be provided:.

The procedures applicable for interconnection to a major supplier shall be made publicly available. Any procedures for the allocation and use of scarce resources, including frequencies, numbers and rights of way, shall be carried out in an objective, timely, transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

Each Party has the right to define the kind of universal service obligation it wishes to maintain. The provisions governing universal service shall be transparent, objective and non-discriminatory.

They shall also be neutral with respect to competition and be no more burdensome than necessary. This Chapter applies to measures adopted or maintained by the Parties affecting trade in financial services.

For the purposes of this Chapter, trade in financial services is defined as the supply of a financial service through the following modes:.

The Parties shall review the issue of disciplines on subsidies related to trade in financial services, with a view to incorporating in this Agreement any disciplines agreed under Article XV of GATS.

For the purposes of paragraph 5, if a Party allows any of the activities referred to in paragraph 5 ii or iii to be conducted by its financial service suppliers in competition with a public entity or a financial service supplier, this Chapter shall apply to such activities.

Should such a legal person have only its registered office or central administration in the territory of the Community or Chile, it shall not be considered as a Community or a Chilean legal person respectively, unless it is engaged in substantive business operations in the territory of the Community or Chile, respectively.

Financial services comprise the following activities:. D exchange rate and interest rate instruments, including products such as swaps, forward rate agreements;.

With respect to market access through the modes of supply identified in Article , each Party shall accord financial services and financial service suppliers of the other Party treatment no less favourable than that provided for under the terms, limitations and conditions agreed and specified in its Schedule referred to in Article In the sectors inscribed in its Schedule, and subject to the conditions and qualifications set out therein, each Party shall accord to financial services and financial service suppliers of the other Party, in respect of all measures affecting the supply of financial services, treatment no less favourable than that it accords to its own like financial services and financial service suppliers A Party may meet the requirement of paragraph 1 by according to financial services and financial service suppliers of the other Party, either formally identical treatment or formally different treatment to that it accords to its own like financial services and financial service suppliers.

Formally identical or formally different treatment shall be considered to be less favourable if it modifies the conditions of competition in favour of financial services or financial service suppliers of a Party compared to like financial services or financial service suppliers of the other Party.

Measures inconsistent with both Articles and are inscribed in the column relating to Article In this case, the inscription is considered to provide a condition or qualification to Article as well.

Where a Party undertakes specific commitments on measures affecting trade in financial services not subject to scheduling under Articles and , such commitments are inscribed in its Schedule as additional commitments.

A Party shall permit financial service suppliers of the other Party established in its territory to offer in its territory any new financial service within the scope of the subsectors and financial services committed in its Schedule and subject to the terms, limitations, conditions and qualifications established in that Schedule and provided that the introduction of this new financial service does not require a new law or the modification of an existing law.

A Party may determine the legal form through which the service may be provided and may require authorisation for the provision of the financial service.

Where such authorisation is required, a decision shall be taken within a reasonable period of time and the authorisation may only be refused for prudential reasons.

Each Party shall permit a financial service supplier of the other Party to transfer information in electronic or other form, into and out of its territory, for data processing where such processing is required in the ordinary course of business of such financial service supplier.

Where the information referred to in paragraph 1 consists of or contains personal data, the transfer of such information from the territory of one Party to the territory of the other Party shall take place in accordance with the domestic law regulating the protection of individuals with respect to the transferring and processing of personal data of the Party out of whose territory the information is transferred.

Each Party shall, to the extent practicable, provide in advance to all interested persons any measure of general application that the Party proposes to adopt in order to allow an opportunity for such persons to comment on the measure.

Such measure shall be provided:. On the request of an applicant, the appropriate financial authority shall inform the applicant of the status of its application.

If such authority requires additional information from the applicant, it shall notify the applicant without undue delay. Each Party shall make its best endeavours to implement and apply in its territory internationally agreed standards for regulation and supervision in the financial services sector and for the fight against money laundering.

For this purpose, the Parties shall cooperate and exchange information and experience within the Special Committee on Financial Services referred to in Article Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to prevent a Party from adopting or maintaining reasonable measures for prudential reasons, such as:.

Such recognition, which may be achieved through harmonisation or otherwise, may be based upon an agreement or arrangement or may be accorded autonomously.

A Party that is a party to an agreement or arrangement with a third party such as those referred to in paragraph 1, whether future or existing, shall afford adequate opportunity for the other Party to negotiate its accession to such agreements or arrangements, or to negotiate comparable ones with it, under circumstances in which there would be equivalent regulation, oversight, implementation of such regulation, and, if appropriate, procedures concerning the sharing of information between the Parties to the agreement or arrangement.

Where a Party accords recognition autonomously, it shall afford adequate opportunity for the other Party to demonstrate that such circumstances exist.

The Special Committee shall be composed of representatives of the Parties. The Special Committee shall meet at the request of one of the Parties on a date and with an agenda agreed in advance by the Parties.

The office of chairperson shall be held alternately. The Special Committee shall report to the Association Committee the results of its meetings.

Three years after the entry into force of this Agreement the Special Committee on Financial Services shall consider actions with the aim of facilitating and expanding trade in financial services and further contributing to the objectives of this Agreement, and shall report to the Association Committee.

A Party may request consultations with the other Party regarding any matter arising under this Chapter. The other Party shall give sympathetic consideration to the request.

The Parties shall report the results of their consultations to the Special Committee on Financial Services. Consultations under this Article shall include officials of the authorities specified in Annex IX.

Nothing in this Article shall be construed to require financial authorities participating in consultations to disclose information or take any action that would interfere with individual regulatory, supervisory, administrative or enforcement matters.

Except as otherwise provided in this Article, any disputes under this Chapter shall be settled in accordance with the provisions of Title VIII.

For the purpose of Article , consultations held under Article shall be deemed to constitute the consultations referred to in Article , unless the Parties otherwise agree.

Upon initiation of consultations, the Parties shall provide information to enable the examination of how a measure of a Party or any other matter may affect the operation and application of this Chapter, and give confidential treatment to the information exchanged during consultations.

If the matter has not been resolved within 45 days after holding the consultations under Article or 90 days after the delivery of the request for consultations under Article 1 , whichever is earlier, the complaining Party may request in writing the establishment of an arbitration panel.

The Parties shall report the results of their consultations directly to the Association Committee. The Association Committee shall ensure that the list always contains five individuals at any point in time.

Those individuals shall have expertise or experience in financial services law or practice, which may include the regulation of financial institutions, be independent, serve in their individual capacities and not be affiliated with, nor take instructions from, any Party or organisation and shall comply with the Code of Conduct set out in Annex XVI.

Such list may be amended every three years;. The other two arbitrators of the panel shall be selected by lot by the chairperson of the Association Committee from the list referred to in Article 2 , one among the individuals proposed to the Association Committee by the complaining Party, and the other among the individuals proposed to the Association Committee by the Party complained against.

This Chapter shall apply to establishment in all sectors with the exception of all services sectors, including the financial services sector. Should such a legal person have only its registered office or central administration in the territory of the Community or of Chile, it shall not be considered as a Community or a Chilean legal person respectively, unless it is engaged in substantive business operations in the territory of the Community or of Chile respectively.

As regards natural persons, this shall not extend to seeking or taking employment in the labour market or confer a right of access to the labour market of a Party.

In the sectors inscribed in Annex X, and subject to any conditions and qualifications set out therein, with respect to establishment, each Party shall grant to legal and natural persons of the other Party treatment no less favourable than that it accords to its own legal and natural persons performing a like economic activity.

Subject to the provisions of Article , each Party may regulate the establishment of legal and natural persons.

With respect to this Chapter, the Parties confirm their rights and obligations existing under any bilateral or multilateral agreements to which they are parties.

With the objective of progressive liberalisation of investment conditions, the Parties affirm their commitment to review the investment legal framework, the investment environment and the flow of investment between them consistent with their commitments in international investment agreements, no later than three years after the entry into force of this Agreement.

Subject to the requirement that such measures are not applied in a manner which would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination between the Parties where like conditions prevail, or a disguised restriction on trade in services, financial services or establishment, nothing in this Title shall be construed to prevent the adoption or enforcement by either Party of measures:.

Nothing in this Title shall prevent a Party from applying its laws, regulations and requirements regarding entry and stay, work, labour conditions, and establishment of natural persons 11 provided that, in so doing, it does not apply to them in such a manner as to nullify or impair the benefits accruing to the other Party under the terms of a specific provision of this Title.

In accordance with the provisions of this Title, the Parties shall ensure the effective and reciprocal opening of their government procurement markets.

This Title applies to any law, regulation, procedure or practice regarding any procurement, by the entities of the Parties, of goods and services including works, subject to the conditions specified by each Party in Annexes XI, XII and XIII.

Neither Party may prepare, design or otherwise structure any procurement contract in order to avoid the obligations under this Title. It includes procurement by such methods as purchase or lease, or rental or hire purchase, with or without an option to buy;.

A dominant influence on the part of the public authorities shall be presumed when these authorities, directly or indirectly, in relation to an undertaking:.

The term shall cover equally a supplier of goods, a service provider or a contractor;. Should such a legal person have only its registered office or central administration in the territory of the Community or Chile, it shall not be considered as a Community or a Chilean legal person respectively, unless it is engaged in substantive business operations in the territory of the Community or Chile respectively.

Each Party shall ensure that the procurement of its entities covered by this Title takes place in a transparent, reasonable and non-discriminatory manner, treating any supplier of either Party equally and ensuring the principle of open and effective competition.

With respect to any laws, regulations, procedures and practices regarding government procurement covered by this Title, each Party shall grant the goods, services and suppliers of the other Party a treatment no less favourable than that accorded by it to domestic goods, services and suppliers.

With respect to any laws, regulations, procedures and practices regarding government procurement covered by this Title, each Party shall ensure:.

This Article shall not apply to measures concerning customs duties or other charges of any kind imposed on or in connection with importation, the method of levying such duties and charges, other import regulations, including restrictions and formalities, nor to measures affecting trade in services other than measures specifically governing procurement covered by this Title.

Each Party shall ensure that its entities do not, in the qualification and selection of suppliers, goods or services, in the evaluation of bids or in the award of contracts, consider, seek or impose offsets, nor conditions regarding national preferences such as margins allowing price preference.

Entities shall not split up a procurement, nor use any other method of contract valuation with the intention of evading the application of this Title when determining whether a contract is covered by the disciplines of thereof, subject to the conditions set out in Annexes XI and XII, Appendices 1 to 3.

In calculating the value of a contract, an entity shall take into account all forms of remuneration, such as premiums, fees, commissions and interests, as well as the maximum permitted total amount, including option clauses, provided for by the contract.

When, due to the nature of the contract, it is not possible to calculate in advance its precise value, entities shall estimate this value on the basis of objective criteria.

Each Party shall promptly publish any law, regulation, judicial decision and administrative ruling of general application and procedure, including standard contract clauses, regarding procurement covered by this Title in the appropriate publications referred to in Annex XIII, Appendix 2, including officially designated electronic media.

Entities shall award their public contracts by open or selective tendering procedures according to their national procedures, in compliance with this Title and in a non-discriminatory manner.

However, in the specific cases and only under the conditions laid down in Article , entities may use a procedure other than the open or selective tendering procedures referred to in paragraph 1 of that Article, in which case the entities may choose not to publish a notice of intended procurement, and may consult the suppliers of their choice and negotiate the terms of contract with one or more of these.

Entities shall treat tenders in confidence. In particular, they shall not provide information intended to assist particular participants to bring their tenders up to the level of other participants.

In selective tendering, entities may limit the number of qualified suppliers they will invite to tender, consistent with the efficient operation of the procurement process, provided that they select the maximum number of domestic suppliers and suppliers of the other Party, and that they make the selection in a fair and non-discriminatory manner and on the basis of the criteria indicated in the notice of intended procurement or in tender documents.

Entities maintaining permanent lists of qualified suppliers may select suppliers to be invited to tender from among those listed, under the conditions of Article 7.

Any selection shall allow for equitable opportunities for suppliers on the lists. Provided that the tendering procedure is not used to avoid maximum possible competition or to protect domestic suppliers, entities shall be allowed to award contracts by means other than an open or selective tendering procedure in the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions, where applicable:.

The Parties shall ensure that, whenever it is necessary for entities to resort to a procedure other than the open or selective tendering procedures based on the circumstances set forth in paragraph 1, the entities shall maintain a record or prepare a written report providing specific justification for the contract awarded under that paragraph.

Any conditions for participation in procurement shall be limited to those that are essential to ensure that the potential supplier has the capability to fulfil the requirements of the procurement and the ability to execute the contract in question.

In the process of qualifying suppliers, entities shall not discriminate between domestic suppliers and suppliers of the other Party.

A Party shall not impose the condition that, in order for a supplier to participate in a procurement, the supplier has previously been awarded one or more contracts by an entity of that Party or that the supplier has prior work experience in the territory of that Party.

Entities shall recognise as qualified suppliers all suppliers who meet the conditions for participation in a particular intended procurement.

Entities shall base their qualification decisions solely on the conditions for participation that have been specified in advance in notices or tender documentation.

Nothing in this Title shall preclude the exclusion of any supplier on grounds such as bankruptcy or false declarations or conviction for serious crime such as participation in criminal organisations.

Entities shall promptly communicate to suppliers that have applied for qualification their decision on whether or not they qualify.

Entities may establish permanent lists of qualified suppliers provided that the following rules are respected:. Each Party shall ensure that its entities provide for effective dissemination of the tendering opportunities generated by the relevant government procurement processes, providing suppliers of the other Party with all the information required to take part in such procurement.

For each contract covered by this Title, except as set out in Articles 3 and , entities shall publish in advance a notice inviting interested suppliers to submit tenders, or where appropriate, requests for participation for that contract.

Such notice should include the subject matter of the procurement and the planned date of the publication of the notice of intended procurement. Entities operating in the utilities sector may use a notice of planned procurement as a notice of intended procurement, under the condition that such notice contains as much of the information referred to in paragraph 3 as is available, and that it explicitly invites interested suppliers to express their interest in the procurement to the entity.

Entities having used a notice of planned procurement as a notice of intended procurement shall subsequently communicate to all suppliers who have expressed an initial interest further information that shall include, at least, the information referred to in paragraph 3 and ask them to confirm their interest on that basis.

Entities which intend to maintain permanent lists shall, consistently with paragraph 2, publish a notice which shall identify the entity, and indicate the purpose of the permanent list and the availability of the rules concerning its operation, including criteria for qualification and disqualification, as well as its duration.

Where the permanent list is of a duration greater than three years, the notice shall be published annually.

Entities operating in the utilities sector may use a notice on the existence of permanent lists of qualified suppliers as a notice of intended procurement.

In that case, they shall provide, in a timely manner, information which allows all those who have expressed an interest to assess their interest in participating in the procurement.

This information shall include the information contained in the notice referred to in paragraph 3, to the extent that such information is available.

Information provided to one interested supplier shall be provided in a non-discriminatory manner to the other interested suppliers.

Each notice referred to in this Article shall be accessible during the entire time period established for tendering for the relevant procurement.

Entities shall publish the notices in a timely manner through means which offer the widest possible and non-discriminatory access to the interested suppliers of the Parties.

Tender documentation provided to suppliers shall contain all information necessary to permit them to submit responsive tenders.

Where contracting entities do not offer free direct access to the entire tender documents and any supporting documents by electronic means, entities shall make promptly available the tender documentation at the request of any supplier of the Parties.

Entities shall promptly reply to any reasonable request for relevant information relating to the intended procurement, on condition that such information does not give that supplier an advantage over its competitors.

Technical specifications shall be set out in the notices, tender documents or additional documents. Each Party shall ensure that its entities do not prepare, adopt or apply any technical specifications with a view to, or with the effect of, creating unnecessary barriers to trade between the Parties.

The provisions of paragraph 3 do not apply when the entity can objectively demonstrate that the use of technical specifications referred to in that paragraph would be ineffective or inappropriate for the fulfilment of the legitimate objectives pursued.

In all cases, entities shall consider bids which do not comply with the technical specifications but meet the essential requirements thereof and are fit for the purpose intended.

The reference to technical specifications in the tender documents must include words such as "or equivalent". There shall be no requirement for or reference to a particular trademark or trade name, patent, design or type, specific origin, producer or supplier, unless there is no other sufficiently precise or intelligible way of describing the procurement requirements and provided that words, such as "or equivalent", are included in the tender documentation.

All time-limits established by the entities for the receipt of tenders and requests to participate shall be adequate to allow suppliers of the other Party, as well as domestic suppliers, to prepare and to submit tenders, and where appropriate, requests for participation or applications for qualifying.

In determining any such time-limit, entities shall, consistent with their own reasonable needs, take into account such factors as the complexity of the intended procurement and the normal time for transmitting tenders from foreign as well as domestic points.

Entities shall not, in the course of negotiations, discriminate between tenderers. In particular, they shall ensure that:. Entities shall receive and open bids from tenderers under procedures and conditions guaranteeing the respect of the principles of transparency and non-discrimination.

To be considered for award, a tender must, at the time of opening, conform to the essential requirements of the notices or tender documentation and be submitted by a supplier which complies with the conditions for participation.

Entities shall make the award to the tenderer whose tender is either the lowest tender or the tender which, in terms of the specific objective evaluation criteria previously set forth in the notices or tender documentation, is determined to be the most advantageous.

Each Party shall ensure that its entities provide for effective dissemination of the results of government procurement processes.

Entities shall promptly inform tenderers of decisions regarding the award of the contract and of the characteristics and relative advantages of the selected tender.

Upon request, entities shall inform any eliminated tenderer of the reasons for the rejection of its tender. Entities may decide to withhold certain information on the contract award where release of such information would prevent law enforcement or otherwise be contrary to the public interest, would prejudice the legitimate commercial interests of suppliers, or might prejudice fair competition between them.

Entities shall accord impartial and timely consideration to any complaints from suppliers regarding an alleged breach of this Title in the context of a procurement procedure.

Each Party shall provide non-discriminatory, timely, transparent and effective procedures enabling suppliers to challenge alleged breaches of this Title arising in the context of procurements in which they have, or have had, an interest.

Challenges shall be heard by an impartial and independent reviewing authority. A reviewing authority which is not a court shall either be subject to judicial review or shall have procedural guarantees similar to those of a court.

Such action may result in suspension of the procurement process. However, procedures may provide that overriding adverse consequences for the interests concerned, including the public interest, may be taken into account in deciding whether such measures should be applied; and.

The Parties shall, to the extent possible, endeavour to use electronic means of communication to permit efficient dissemination of information on government procurement, particularly as regards tender opportunities offered by entities, while respecting the principles of transparency and non-discrimination.

With a view to improving access to government procurement markets, each Party shall endeavour to implement an electronic information system, which is compulsory for their respective entities.

The Parties shall endeavour to provide each other with technical cooperation and assistance through the development of training programs with a view to achieving a better understanding of their respective government procurement systems and statistics and better access to their respective markets.

Where a Party does not ensure an acceptable level of compliance with Article 11 , it shall, upon request of the other Party, collect and provide to the other Party on an annual basis statistics on its procurements covered by this Title.

Notwithstanding paragraph 1 b , no compensatory adjustments shall be provided to the other Party where the modification by a Party of its coverage under this Title concerns:.

Where appropriate, the Association Committee shall by decision modify the relevant Annex to reflect the modification notified by the Party concerned.

If either Party should offer in the future a third party additional advantages with regard to access to their respective procurement markets beyond what has been agreed under this Title, it shall agree to enter into negotiations with the other Party with a view to extending these advantages to it on a reciprocal basis by means of a decision of the Association Committee.

Provided that such measures are not applied in a manner that would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination between the Parties or a disguised restriction on trade between them, nothing in this Title shall be construed to prevent any Party from adopting or maintaining measures:.

The Association Committee shall review the implementation of this Title every two years, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties; it shall consider any issue arising from it, and take appropriate action in the exercise of its functions.

It shall, in particular, fulfil the following tasks:. The Parties shall allow, in freely convertible currency and in accordance with the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund, any payments and transfers of the Current Account between the Parties.

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Med en juridisk persons dotterbolag avses en juridisk person som faktiskt kontrolleras av en annan juridisk person. Med dotterbolag till en juridisk person skall avses en juridisk person som faktiskt kontrolleras av en annan juridisk person.

B All other central public authorities including their regional and local sub-divisions provided that they do not have an industrial or commercial character.

Bijzondere Compensatiekas voor kindertoeslagen van de zeevaartgewesten ,. Hamnar enligt definitionen i artikel 1, I-III i bekendtgyrelse nr. Hamnar och terminalfaciliteter enligt lagen Upphandlande enheter enligt definition i artiklarna i Luftfahrtgesetz BGBl.

Sammlung der Entscheidungen des Verwaltungsgerichtshofes - administrativrechtlicher und finanzrechtlicher Teil.

Entscheidungsammlungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts, Bundesgerichtshofs, Bundesverwaltungsgerichts, Bundesfinanzhofs sowie der Oberlandesgerichte.

En ledamot skall vara oberoende och opartisk. Beslut som avses i artikel Produkter med ursprung i Republiken San Marino skall av Chile godtas som produkter med ursprung i gemenskapen i enlighet med del IV avdelning II i detta avtal.

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Artikel 60 Avskaffande av tullar 1. Artikel 61 Status quo 1. Avsnitt 2 Avskaffande av tullar Underavsnitt 2. Avsnitt 6 Vin och sprit Artikel 90 Vin och sprit Avtalet om handel med vin finns i bilaga V och avtalet om handel med spritdrycker och aromatiserade drycker finns i bilaga VI.

Artikel 93 Bristklausul 1. Artikel 98 Nationell behandling 1. Artikel Inhemska regleringar 1. Artikel Definitioner I detta avsnitt avses med a intermodal transport: Artikel Regleringsmyndigheten 1.

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Artikel 3 Bilateral ursprungskumulation 1. Artikel 12 Direkttransport 1. Artikel 17 Varucertifikat EUR. En fakturadeklaration enligt artikel Artikel 22 Ursprungsintygs giltighet 1.

Artikel 23 Uppvisande av ursprungsintyg 1. Artikel 26 Styrkande handlingar De handlingar som avses i artiklarna Artikel 27 Bevarande av ursprungsintyg och styrkande handlingar 1.

Artikel 28 Avvikelser och formella fel 1. Artikel 29 Belopp i euro 1. Artikel 31 Kontroll av ursprungsintyg 1. Artikel 35 Frizoner 1.

Begreppet "gemenskapen" i artikel 2 skall inte omfatta Ceuta och Melilla. Ceuta och Melilla skall anses som ett enda territorium. Artikel 1 Syften 1.

Artikel 10 Verifiering 1. Artikel 12 Informationsutbyte 1. Djursjukdomar och fisksjukdomar 1. Den importerande partens beslut Om den importerande parten fattar ett negativt beslut skall den meddela orsakerna till detta till den exporterande parten.

Rapportering Ett utkast till kontrollrapport skall skickas till kontrollobjektet inom 20 arbetsdagar. De fysiska kontrollernas frekvens B.

Djur och animaliska produkter: Intyg enligt artikel 8. Enligt artikel i associeringsavtalet.

Sperrung ohne einzahlung online casino - Aufräumarbeiten dauern an Der Autobahnverkehr Richtung Mannheim wurde während der Unfallaufnahme an der Anschlussstelle Sinsheim-Steinsfurt auf eine Umleitungsstrecke abgeleitet. Casino steinsfurt - So wird für jede Krebserkrankung und für jede Frau ein individuelles Behandlungskonzept erstellt. Aber Experten meinen, der ergebnisse wimbledon 2019 Jahresbeginn und firsr affair bislang milde Herbst könnten das Heizen frei.wild du bist sie die meisten günstiger machen. Büroeinrichtung Arnold — 02 Sple. Die Brustkrebserkrankung ist die häufigste Krebserkrankung der Frau. Aber Experten meinen, der warme Jahresbeginn und der bislang milde Herbst könnten das Heizen für die meisten günstiger machen.

Casino steinsfurt - have

Bei dem verstorbenen Lkw-Fahrer handelt es sich um einen jährigen polnischen Staatsangehörigen, der einen polnischen Sattelzug führte. Bei Harlekin setzt man auf Freundlichkeit und Kompetenz der Mitarbeiter. Casino steinsfurt - Büroeinrichtung Arnold — 01 Big. A full package for your event Casino Fun is dedicated to making your next fun casino party exciting and truly special event that will always stand out in your guests' minds as YOUR party! Make your next party a Casino Fun party! Lange Nacht der Kultur.

Part of the city is in the northern part of the Black Forest. Most of the disricts of Sulz and Oberndorf became part of Rottweil district.

In the districts of Horb, Wolfach, Hechingen and Villingen were merged. Districts of Saarland are: This is a landlocked state in modern Germany.

Saxon and Lower Saxony is Saxony-Anhalt. Harz Free Towns are: Schmalkalden - Meiningen Dist. The districts of Donaueschingen and Villingen were merge..

Both Tuebingen and Rottenburg merged in Four years later Tuebingen dist. In boundaries changed and part of the Horb distr.

See additonal information in Schwarzwaldkreis Black Forest Dist. Vaihingen dates back to atleast AD. In Count Gottfried von Vaihingen established the village as his town in a document.

A larage emigration took place in when havest failied The railroad connection pulled people back to Vaihingen in the early s. The Boroughs of Villingen-Schwenningen are: South southeast is Lamperthim.

Some people seem to be born lucky, while others appear to have a black cloud over their heads. Most of us fall somewhere in between. So, thats where you were, and I know this rainy month is something, I saw rain in the forecast yesterday for the next 7 days the good thing is, it does stop for most the day, but makes it muggy eugghhh, lol that pic titomania, funny lol Glad you got to go and show your respect and support through rain even I got to get to my mail soon, been busy here lately.

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Bilder Informationen Preise Karte. Marcus Scheller bringt es auf den Punkt: Unsere Abonnements und Angebote alles. But wait, Casino Fun dealers are more than just dealers. Elsenzhalle Enders Epfenbach Eppingen Eschelbach ev. Schumacher stellt die neuen Diagnostik- und Therapieverfahren ausführlich vor Eintritt frei. Angebote für gehörlose und schwerhörige Menschen. Bbl bamberg Brustkrebserkrankung ist die häufigste Krebserkrankung der Frau. Harlekin Spiel- und Unterhaltungsautomatenbetriebs GmbH. Wie viele Gesichter haben wir tatsächlich abgespeichert? Büroeinrichtung Arnold — 04 Big. Kirchengemeinde Adersbach, Hasselbach, […] 9. Abschnitt bei Sinsheim-Steinsfurt aktuell komplett gesperrt Zur Landung eines Rettungshubschraubers wurde die A6 zwischenzeitlich voll gesperrt.

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